Travel Restrictions & Going Onboard with Vitalii Sologubov - Crew Change
Seafarer Interview: Travel Restrictions and Going On Board with Vitalii Sologubov
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Seafarer Interview: Travel Restrictions and Going On Board with Vitalii Sologubov

In continuation of our new live interview series, we bring you our new guest seafarer Vitalii Sologubov who will share a slightly different perspective on the current situation. That of the challenges associated with actually joining the vessel amidst the ongoing travel restrictions.

With the current global crew change crisis caused by the pandemic, the focus has shifted greatly on the seafarer’s present lives’ humanitarian aspect. We are all aware of the pressing issues of extended stay onboard and seafarers’ inability to disembark on time. Hidden behind this, however, is yet another problem. The travel restrictions imposed by various countries have made it difficult not only to get home but to also get to the vessel for work. Same as spending extended periods of time onboard, some seafarers now spend extended periods of time at home without work despite their strong will and desire to embark.

Interview with Vitalii Sologubov

On November 13th, we were honored to welcome our next guest, seafarer Vitalii Sologubov. Vitalii spent 5 months at home while unable to travel to the vessel due to the Russian government’s travel restrictions. In this interview, he shared his experience and his point of view on the present ongoing humanitarian crew change crisis surrounding the industry and the seafarers.

We hope that these interviews will help spread public awareness around seafarers’ wellbeing and the overall humanitarian crew change crisis in the maritime industry. Are you a seafarer? Attend our #SeafarersPointOfView talks, where we talk about life at sea, challenges seafarers face today, how to stay mentally strong, and many more. It will be a nice change of environment for you and great knowledge exchange with those interested in shipping. Contact [email protected] for more details.

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