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<mark>ON-DEMAND Webinar:</mark> Psychometric Assessments for Hiring. How to Fail-Proof Your Crewing Decisions With Meaningful Data
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ON-DEMAND Webinar: Psychometric Assessments for Hiring. How to Fail-Proof Your Crewing Decisions With Meaningful Data

Psychological attributes indirectly affect seafarers’ performance by influencing how they perform their technical tasks and directly complement their technical skills. An engineer is expected to have both the skills to perform certain maintenance tasks on board and the persistence to identify the cause of the problem: keep looking for solutions until the task is resolved. Furthermore, the engineer must be able to be assertive in his communication with the rest of the crew to ensure that everyone understands the problem and its implications for the related operations.

About the webinar

With a focus on the maritime industry, psychometric assessments have offered valuable help concerning human error and safe operations at sea. In our next webinar, SafeMetrix Counseling Psychologist Evi Argyrou provides you with actionable insights to fail-proof your hiring decisions using meaningful data.

  • Learn how to determine the need for a psychometric assessment
  • Understand how to interpret the psychometric assessment results
  • Learn how you can further strengthen the results by applying the findings in your interviews
  • Find out how you can access professional assistance in interpreting the assessment results of your crew
  • Discover the benefits of a post-test assessment and a follow-up test
This webinar is ideal for:
  • Business Owners
  • Managing Directors
  • HR Managers
  • Crewing Managers
  • Training Managers
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Evi Argyrou
Evi Argyrou
Counseling Psychologist, SafeMetrix

Evi Argyrou is a Counseling Psychologist currently coordinating the research and development initiatives related to the SafeMetrix product line of Safebridge. She is responsible for preparing company Integrated Reports of seafarer’s psychometric assessments and performs various statistical data analyses. She is also involved in various research-related projects aiming to enhance the SafeMetrix product line. Evi holds a Master’s Degree in Counselling Psychology and is experienced working with people suffering from anxiety, trauma, depression, phobias, relationship issues, and grief.

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