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Maritime English Proficiency Test

Assessment Description

Evaluate your full ability to effectively communicate and understand English language in line with the maritime industry standards using English listening and reading assessments.

Being able to communicate effectively in English is a critical requirement for every seafarer in the maritime industry. The ability to listen, read and understand the English language is critical in ensuring operational effectiveness and safety on board. The Maritime English Proficiency Test is designed to evaluate your English listening and reading skills while at the same time presenting real-life scenarios tailored to the maritime industry. The test is applicable to Rankings and Operational Level Deck Officers.

The English Language Proficiency Test aims to ensure that trainees possess the knowledge, understanding and proficiency in English set out in the STCW Code. The questions have been developed in accordance with the IMO Model Course on Maritime English, Core section 2, Specialised Maritime English (SME) for officers in charge of a navigational watch on ships of 500 gross tonnage or more.

Assessment Objectives

The objectives of this test are to assess the listening and comprehension skills of Rankings and Operational Level Deck Officers in the English language.

This assessment is designed for

Ratings and Operational Level Deck Officers in charge of navigational equipment on ships of 500 G.T. or more.


There are no prerequisites for this course; however, the content and associated terminology are tailored to the maritime industry.


Module 1: Introduction
• A short introductory video explaining what the test is and how to prepare for it

Module 2: Test
• The actual test itself consists of 8 separate parts which assess both your reading and listening abilities in the English Language
• The test consists of 48 questions in total

Course Details

Estimated duration: 60 min
Test attempts: 2
Passing score: 50%
Certificate Validity: Indefinite